At the MAX Group of Companies, when we say ‘three companies, one solution,’ we mean it. By offering products, design, engineering and installation as part of a turnkey project. When something goes wrong on a project build-out or reline, that’s when the blame game starts. The product manufacturer says it’s the contractor fault, the contractor says the product failed, or they both blame the engineer for specifying the wrong materials or lining design. No one takes responsibility and you’re left with nothing but an expensive problem.

That doesn’t happen here. At the MAX Group of Companies, we manage every phase of every turnkey project in-house. We know the liability for every project falls on us, you can be sure no one from our team is cutting corners.

When you want a job done right the first time, together with the peace of mind that comes from knowing one organization is taking full responsibility for the success of your project, you can trust our team at the MAX Group of Companies.

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