As a non-exclusive distribution partner with Morgan Thermal Ceramics, ThermalMax Insulating Products offers virtually every type of insulating and heat-containment product available, from insulating brick, mortars and castables to ceramic fiber blankets, microporous block, and refractory paper, felts and boards.

We also inventory a broad range of specialty products, including kiln furniture, setter plates, saggers, custom high-fired shapes, weld blankets, curtains, anchors, refractory modules and gaskets and seals.

Our long-standing relationships with Morgan Advanced Materials and other leading refractory producers allow us to purchase products at the highest volume discounts and freight them to your operation as quickly as you need them, delivering quality and value you cannot find anywhere else.

For more information about the full range of insulating and heat-containment products available from ThermalMax Insulating Products, call 724.656.1750 or email

When it comes to fast, affordable access to high-quality insulating and heat-containment products, it pays to call ThermalMax Insulating Products first.



Non-exclusive distribution partner with Morgan Thermal Ceramics.


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