While Thermalmax offers a full range of off-the-shelf insulating and heat-containment products, ArmorMax Engineered Products provides custom-sized and custom-fitted engineered solutions, along with off-site repair and refurbishment of refractory-lined components and equipment.

With overhead crane service and full repair and auto-CAD capabilities, the experienced staffs at our New Castle and Lebanon, Pennsylvania facilities are outfitted to design, engineer and install engineered insulating and heat-containment products in almost any type of equipment you can ship to us, from new linings for doors, ladles, tundishes and preheat stations to full rebuilds of furnaces, kilns and more.

ArmorMax Engineered Products helps multiply the value of your repair in two ways. First, by avoiding the cost, downtime, and disruption associated with field repair at your site; and, second, by reaping the long-term benefits of superior restoration work performed by qualified professionals in a controlled environment.

Services available from ArmorMax Engineered Products include:

  • Custom Ceramic Fiber Modules
  • Electric Element Systems
  • Wall Paper Linings
  • Shop Installations
  • Large-Format Fiber Systems
  • Structural Steel Modifications
  • Engineering Services
  • Engineered Lining Systems
  • CAD Drawings

Contact one of our representatives to learn more about our specialized expertise in turnkey PCW lining engineering, design and installation.

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