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ThermalMax Insulating Products is an authorized distributor of MAFTEC™, a Polycrystalline Alumina Fiber that is a high-temperature resilient and reinforcement material providing high-temperature refractory and sealing use.

MAFTEC™ Features

Maximum use limit of 2900°F
Proven to experience shrinkage rates of < 1% at 2600°F

Provide significant ROI through these benefits:

  • Ability to withstand continuous and drastic thermal cycling without failing
  • Non respirable
  • Faster heat-ups and cool-downs
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emissions
  • Helps raise your ESG score
  • Increased furnace production
  • Less maintenance
  • No dryout requirement
  • Diminished stress on furnace superstructures


MAFTEC™ Applications

    Reheat, forge, galvanizing and rotary furnaces, kilns, door linings, die cut shapes for walking beam skid pipes and more.


    MAFTEC™ Specifications

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      ThermalMax and our Max Group of Companies converts MAFTEC™ to standard modules and custom modules. We also engineer, fabricate and install custom panelized MAFTEC™ systems.

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       “MAFTEC” is a trademark of MAFTEC Co., Ltd.

      MAFTEC™ used with roof mounted burners

      MAFTEC™ installation in a walking beam furnace for a wire mill in the Midwest

      Same walking beam furnace shown above, one year later, exhibiting no shrinkage and no degradation