Three Companies. One Solution

Products. Engineering. Installation.

ThermalMax, Inc. was founded in 2000 to meet industry demands for a distributor focused on providing value, responsiveness and high-quality refractory, insulation and specialty products to heat-processing industries.

Today, the ideals on which the original business was founded have enabled ThermalMax to expand beyond its original scope to become the MAX group of refractories companies:
ThermalMax, Inc. Insulating Products
ArmorMax Construction, Inc. Refractory Services
ArmorMax Refractories, Inc. Engineered Products

These three distinct entities are devoted to fulfilling the specialized demands of our customers, from fast, priority access to world-class insulating and heat-containment products to turnkey custom-engineered, designed and installed refractory linings.

When your project requires the personalized attention of a small company, together with the resources and expertise of a larger one, count on the MAX group of refractories companies to turn your challenges into solutions.

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