Block Insulation

Block insulation products offer excellent strength, temperature capability and insulation characteristics that far exceed the performance of conventional block products. Marketed under the TR™ and V-Lite™ brands, the block thermal insulation is available in a wide range of standard boards, panels and cut sizes.

Structural Insulation Products include:

    • TR-19™ (1023°C/190°F)
    • TR-20™ (1079°C/2000°F)
    • V-Lite™ -1100 (1100°C/2012°F)
    • V-Lite™ -1200 (1200°C/2192°F

TR™ and V-Lite™ brand-products are manufactured using vermiculite or diatomaceous silica and contain no ceramic fibers.
Their physical makeup not only results in excellent strength and insulating properties, but they also provide lower thermal conductivity and better resistance to aluminum cryolite attack. That makes them an ideal replacement material for mineral wool panel insulation in many applications.

As expected with structural insulation, TR™ and V-Lite™ products exhibit strength and minimal shrinkage all the way up to their maximum use temperatures. Thermal Ceramics structural insulation products have been successfully implemented within the energy, industrial, automotive and domestic appliance markets, providing economical insulation in a variety of applications.