Mastics, Mortar, Cement

Mastic products are used in high-temperature applications where patching and filling of voids is required. These products are available as pumpables (with pumps), moldables, air-setting cements, and coatings.

Superwool® Fibre mastic
A moldable form of fiber that can be troweled, hand-molded, or injected from a hand-held pressure gun, drying converts Superwool® Fibre mastic into a strong, hard, yet lightweight insulating material that has great thermal stability up to its typical continuous use temperature.

Although air-drying is possible, assisted drying is recommended for temperatures below 100°C (212°F). This refractory features excellent resistance to cracking and spalling, and has strong adhesive properties when dried.

An easy, ready-to-use, highly insulating material with a homogenous structure, Superwool® Fibre mastic comes in two forms and two grades:

  • Superwool® Fibre Hardeners
    These inorganic liquid hardening agents produce hard surface finishes with increased resistance to mechanical abrasion and gas-flow erosion when applied to Blanket, Modules or Board.
  • Superwool® HT Fibre (formerly Superwool® 607® HT)
    The only bio-persistent fiber available with a classification temperature of 1300°C.