Felt Products

Insulating felt products, obtained by hot pressing, are particularly suitable for die-cutting operations. They are offered in a range of thicknesses, from 1/8’ to 1”, pressed into 4’x8’ sheets. Densities are offered as low as 4 pcf or as high as 24 pcf. These pressed felt sheets are available in most grades/use limits.


  • Hot Top insulation for steel ingots
  • Gaskets for low pressure casting systems
  • Back-up insulation for furnaces and launder systems
  • Thermocouple tube protection
  • Insulating wrap for shrouds/stopper rods in steel
  • Automotive and aerospace heat shields
Product offerings:

AES Felt

  • Superwool® HT felt

RCF Felt

  • Cerafelt®
  • Cerechrome
  • K-Shield
    (Low Binder Grade)
  • K-Shield LS
    (Low Binder Grade)