ThermalMax is the exclusive distributor for Morgan Thermal Ceramics complete line of low bio-persistent Superwool® fiber, refractory ceramic fiber and polycrystalline wool fibers, each of which offers its own unique combination of properties. These bulk fibers are produced by varying composition, fiber length, compressed density, fiber content, fiber diameter and lubricity, available in chopped, un-chopped, lubricated and non-lubricated. These bulk fibers also serve as the building block of the entire line of Thermal Ceramics insulating products.

Lubricated bulks are available in all grades and are identified with the 111 designation. Lubricated bulks are commonly used for:

  • Packing expansion joints and voids
  • Infill in the roofs and walls of certain types of kilns
  • Seals around penetrations in furnaces, such as burner tubes, site holes, etc., and other areas in refractory constructions

Un-lubricated bulk carries the 112 designation and is primarily used for vacuum forming operations or operations where lubricant “off-gassing” would cause problems in that specific process.

Un-lubricated bulk (4 grades available):

AES bulk

  • Superwool®

RCF bulk

  • Cerafiber®
  • Cerachem®
  • Cerachrome®
  • Engineered fibers
  • Kaowool®

PCW bulk