Boards & Shapes

ThermalMax Insulating Products offers an extensive line of vacuum formed fiber boards and shapes, ranging from simple boards and sleeves to complex engineered shapes. These products can use either traditional organic starch binding systems or inorganic binders, which minimize off-gassing and smoke upon initial firing. They feature excellent insulating performance, superior high temperature strength, and can be custom designed for a broad range of uses. Further, these boards and shapes are offered in all families of fibers currently made (AES, RCF, PCW) to meet your application requirements. Consult a ThermalMax Insulating Products representative for assistance in choosing the appropriate materials for your specific insulating needs.


  • Expansion joints, back-up insulation, heat shields and mould
  • Insulation for domestic appliance and heating element base insulation
  • Supports and linings for domestic boilers
  • Riser sleeves for ferrous and non ferrous molten metals
  • Ladle shroud gasket
  • Duct and flue linings
Product offerings:

AES Organic

  • Superwool® Plus
  • Superwool® Plus PM
  • Superwool® HT
  • Superwool® Plus HT PM
  • Superwool® HT Millboard
  • Superwool® HT Millboard

RCF Organic

  • Kaowool® M
  • Kaowool® PM
  • Kaowool® HP
  • Kaowool® HD
  • Kaowool® A
  • Kaowool® HS
  • Kaowool® HS-45
  • Kaowool® HT
  • Kaowool® 2600
  • Kaowool® 80
  • Kaowool® 3000
  • Kaowool® MB-822
  • Kaowool® 1401
  • Kaowool® MB-830

RCF Inorganic

  • Alfibond 2100
  • Alfibond 2300
  • Alfibond 2800
  • Alfibond A5
  • I-2100
  • I-2300
  • I-2600
  • I-2800
  • I-A5

AES Inorganic

  • Superwool® Plus
  • Superwool® Plus HT
  • Superwool® Plus HT H
  • Superwool® Plus HT Alfibond
  • Superwool® Plus Minimox