Structural Block Insulation

ThermalMax is proud to offer the TR brand of block insulation. TRTM-19 and TRTM-20 block insulation products offer economical and efficient solutions to your insulation needs, significantly improving temperature and weight characteristics when compared with traditional products.


TR block products are traditionally found in many Aluminum applications such as Carbon Bake Ovens, PotCells, Melting and Holding Furnaces. TR block insulation products can be used as general-insulation or back-up insulation in roofs, walls and floors when combined with other insulating materials such as ceramic blanket.

Product offerings:

ATR™-19 Block/ TR™-19HS Block

  • Suitable for use up to 1038°C (1900°F)
  • Vermiculite based product
  • Excellent resistance to aluminum cryolite attack
  • Low thermal conductivity (TR-19)
  • High compression strength (TR-19HS)

TR™-20 Block

  • Suitable for use up to 1093°C (2000°F)
  • Very good resistance to breakage
  • Long, maintenance-free service and maximum operating efficiency
  • Low conductivity and high stability
  • Superior high-temperature block insulation
  • Made from diatomaceous silica with a hydraulic binder

TR™-2000-SL Block

  • Minimal shrinkage at top temperature limits
  • Will not decompose at their maximum service temperature
  • Calcium silicate composition
  • Very low thermal conductivity
  • Lightweight
  • Good high temperature strength